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November 26, 2018

Works continue to progress well on the A6 Dualling Scheme with some exciting new developments ...

Progress Update ...

Works continue to progress well on the A6 Dualling Scheme with some exciting new developments ... as live traffic is due to be transferred onto the newly surfaced westbound carriageway between Castledawson Roundabout – Moyola River this weekend as part of a phased traffic management plan. 

Exciting developments continue as works on new road alignment in Zone 1 progress...

In Zone 1 earthworks and drainage have been making great progress with the transfer of live traffic from the current A6 route to the new westbound carriageway between the Castledawson Roundabout - Moyola River.

A total of 2.2km of new carriageway will open to the driving public on Monday 3 December 2018. The team have been working tirelessly to prepare the westbound carriageway for the switch laying 20,460m2 of pavement, completing white lining works, moving barriers and ensuring the road is ready for use.

Following the switch the earthworks team will be beginning works on the Eastbound carriageway. Works have also been making great progress on the Bellshill and Annaghmore link roads with the Bellshill Road set to reopen on Monday 3 December also.

68 Bridge Beams have been lifted to date on the A6 Dualling Scheme...

The structures team have made excellent progress as all structure works in Zone 2 are due to complete by Christmas 2018, with the final deck pour of Pearsons Accommodation Bridge due to take place in December. Surfacing works on Zone 2 structures will be ongoing throughout 2019 making them ready for traffic.

While in Zone 1 the Deerpark Road structure is making good progress with piling, bases and column works now complete, works on the structures abutments are ongoing and beams are due in January 2019. 

At the Moyola River bridge the structure's retaining walls are now complete and handrails have been fitted ready for the carriageway switch this weekend. Following the weekend carriageway switch works will begin on the Brough Rd South footbridge, with piling works set to commence in January 2019.

At the Castledawson Roundabout fill activities on the structures north side are now complete to bank seat level. Over the next 2 weeks the team will continue the fill process  with protection measures in place to ready the area for reinforced earth.

Earthworks & Drainage in Zone 2 continue to steam ahead and make significant progress...

Earthworks and drainage works along the new route of the new A6 Dualling Scheme between Randalstown and Toome have been making excellent progress.

At Randalstown the team have been preparing the areas new link road installing drainage, while works in Borrow Pit P are almost complete and crushing and processing continue alongside the M22 carriageway.  Drainage will also continue along the route from Pearsons Accommodation Bridge to the Derrygowan Road.

Further along the route, the earthworks team have been capping and filling the north embankment of the new Derrygowan overbridge and have been preparing the area for Blacktop in December, with plans to lay mainline blacktop from Derrygowan Rd  to Borrow Pit K..

Towards Toome slipforming on the eastbound carriageway continues between the Drumderg Roundabout and Gallagh Rd while other drainage, capping and sub-base works continue. 

The Drumderg Park and Ride opened in September 2018 with great success and the facility with its additional spaces are being well used.

Works continue to make excellent progress in Utilities and Borrow Pits ...

Works within the scheme's 6 Borrow Pits continue to make excellent progress with visible changes seen every week. 

Borrow Pit A remains in operation with 2/3 of activities complete to date and 100,00m3 of material extracted. While in Borrow Pit B operations are now complete, with approximately 205,000m3 of clay removed. The Borrow Pit has been filled with unsuitable material and is now ready for topsoil and landscaping. Further along the route in Zone 1 Borrow Pit C and E will begin operations in Spring 2019.

In Zone 2 42 blasts have taken place to date in Borrow Pit P and K. In Borrow Pit P rock breaking activities will be completed on 14 December 2018, with an estimated total of 150,00m3 of rock extracted. Works to fill the pit will commence in January 2019. While in Borrow Pit K an estimated 280,000m3 of rock and clay have been extracted with a further 30,000m3 of clay yet to be removed.

Utilities works have also been making significant progress with NIE works nearing completion, BT works nearing completion and NIW works ongoing with temporary diversions nearly complete and permanent works ongoing. Street lighting works continue to make good progress also with installation at Bellshill Rd and Annaghmore Rd ongoing.


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