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July 22, 2019

Significant process continues on the A6 Randalstown - Castledawson Dualling Scheme with live traffic expected on the dual carriageway between Randalstown - Toome (Zone 2) in August 2019.....

Progress Update ....

Significant process continues on the  A6 Randalstown - Castledawson Dualling Scheme with live traffic expected on the dual carriageway between Randalstown - Toome (Zone 2) in August 2019, as part of a phased traffic management plan leading to the official opening of the road in September 2019. To celebrate this exciting milestone the GFJV will be holding a special community celebration event...

Upcoming Events ...



Ahead of the phased opening of the A6 Dual Carriageway to live traffic between Randalstown - Toome in August the Graham Farrans Joint Venture will be holding a community celebration event with a 5k fun run / walk and team relay cycling event from 4pm Friday 26 July 2019.

The event will take place on the newly constructed A6 Dual Carriageway, starting and finishing at the Drumderg Roundabout. Parking is available at the Drumderg Park and Ride facility and in Toome Village.

A discretionary donation of £5 is suggested, to help raise funds for Duneane and Moneynick Primary Schools. The two small rural schools are leading the way in Shared Education and working towards a Shared Campus. All donations will be gratefully received! 

The event will be a unique opportunity to get a sneak preview of the new dual carriageway, prior to it's official opening  in September and an opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to the local community for their continued support during the project's construction.


Works in Zone 2 move closer to completion...

Works in Zone 2 edge closer to completion with live traffic expected on the new dual carriageway in August 2019 as part of a phased traffic management plan. Traffic will continue in the contra-flow system at the M22 before entering the new A6 Randalstown - Toome carriageway.

(Credit: Fossie's Drone Adventures) 

An official opening will be taking place in September 2019 when the road will be completely opened to the travelling public.

Final surfacing works on the mainline carriageway commenced on 10th June 2019 with two pavers laying in echelon along the 7.4km carriageway.

The surface course was completed in 8 days encompassing 140,000m2 with an average of 1.9km traveled each day without any transverse or longitudinal joints. 

Meanwhile works on the central safety barrier continue to make excellent progress with cabling ongoing from the Drumderg Roundabout - Pearsons accommodation track.

The installation of Cats eyes, road surface marking and the installation of permanent signage is now underway, putting the final finishing touches in place to prepare the carriageway for live traffic. 

The Derrygowan Road and Aghaloughan Road surfacing works are also now underway.

International Women in Engineering Day ...

Ciara paves the way for future female engineers!

Student engineer Ciara McAuley recently took part in a promotional campaign in partnership with Mid-Ulster District Council to showcase her role as an engineer on the A6 Dualling Scheme and inspire future generations of young women in the Borough.

Ciara featured in Mid Ulster Council's Insight Magazine delivered to all households in the Mid Ulster Council District area raising the profile of women in engineering and focusing attention on the amazing career opportunities available to women in this exciting industry.

The piece was created ahead of the 2019 International Women in Engineering Day, celebrating the outstanding achievements of female engineers throughout the world.

Works continue to make excellent progress in Zone 1 ....


(Credit: Fossie's Drone Adventures) 

The delivery of 4 bridge beams took place this week in Zone 1 ready to be lifted into place on Wednesday 24 July, at McGrogan's accommodation overbridge.

Other significant milestones within the structures of Zone 1 include the installation of the project's final accommodation underpass and the pouring of the project's last columns, which will take place next week at the new Creagh Junction.

Two more major crane lifts are due to take place on the project with a further 22 beams to be lifted at the Hillhead Road overbridge and Creagh overbridge.

Elsewhere in Zone 1 a temporary roundabout will be installed at the B18 from 13 August 2019 at this point the Toome Bypass contra-flow system will transfer all traffic onto the Westbound Carriageway, to enable the GFJV  to proceed with works on the Eastbound Carriageway.

At the Deerpark Road drainage works and works on the areas culverts are continuing, dig and replace works make excellent progress with the route of the new A6 being carved through the landscape between the Deerpark Road - Hillhead Road. Filling works have also commenced in Borrow Pit E with unsuitable material now being placed, these works are expected to be ongoing until September 2019.

At the Brough Road and the Castledawson Roundabout  the main span sections of the areas pedestrian bridges have been installed, with the ramps and handrails now complete at the Brough road.

On the A6 mainline  between Castledawson - Brough Road the Eastbound Carriageway drainage has now commenced and is making excellent progress.

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