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March 18, 2019

Works are progressing well on the A6 Randalstown - Castledawson Dualling Scheme - with the completion of works in Zone 2 getting closer..

Progress Update ...

Safety Moment from the Department for Infrastructure ....

The Department for Infrastructure are committed to improving safety and reducing journey times through the development of efficient, reliable and sustainable infrastructure networks.

Works are progressing well on the A6 Randalstown - Castledawson Dualling Scheme - the Deerpark Rd structure begins to take shape, works recommence between Creagh Roundabout  - Deerpark & blacktop is laid in Zone 2's eastbound carriageway from Drumderg Roundabout - Derrgowan Rd.

Another structure begins to take shape in Zone 1 with 12 x 83T beams installed...


Zone 1 had the addition of 12 bridge beams at the new Deerpark Road Structure on 15 February 2019. 

After months of preparation and meticulous planning,  installing abutments, support bases and columns a 500T crane platform was used to lift a total of 12x 34.4m precast concrete beams, weighing an astounding 83T,  into place during a weekend closure. 

Working tirelessly through the weekend  the structures team ensured the successful installation of one of the projects largest structures. 

CLICK HERE to see more time lapse footage of the bridge beam installation.

The team will soon be preparing to lift the main span of the  pedestrian footbridge at Brough Rd on 31 March 2019, before works move to the Castledawson Roundabout with the lifting of the pedestrian bridge sections in late spring / early summer 2019.

Grace inspires women to pursue engineering at the Women in Enterprise Gala Ball...

Grace Rodgers captivated the entire room at the Women in Enterprise Gala Ball, Derry on  21 February 2019 with a fantastic presentation on her own personal journey into civil engineering and where her career has taken her. 

Grace also highlighted areas for improvement in the construction industry and how we all have a role to play to encourage young women to pursue a career in engineering and promote STEM.

The 2019 Women in Enterprise Gala Ball had a construction theme, focusing on the importance of encouraging Women into Construction.

CLICK HERE to read more about the event 

Well done Grace for being an excellent role model and inspirational speaker! 


Significant progress continues in Zone 2 as the completion of work is in sight....


 Works in Zone 2 continue to make excellent progress with the completion of  works between Randalstown - Toome in sight, as plans to open the area to the travelling public are set for mid/late summer 2019.

The structures team have made excellent progress, with works on small finishes underway and surfacing works ongoing making the areas bridges ready for live traffic.

The M22 contra-flow is due to change from the Eastbound Carriageway to the Westbound Carriageway in late April 2019 to further facilitate permanent works at the new Randalstown Grade Separated Junction. 

Elsewhere in Zone 2 earthworks and surfacing works have been making excellent progress, with the mainline Eastbound Carriageway surfaced from Drumderg Roundabout - Derrygowan Road and capping laid between Ivy Burn - Borrow K.

Further along the route, the earthworks team have been capping and filling the north embankment of the new Derrygowan overbridge and have been preparing the area for surfacing.

Towards Toome the B18 turnoff  at Drumderg Roundabout  will be closed for 8 weeks from Monday 25 March to allow permanent works on the Drumderg Roundabout to take place. 


Works continue to make excellent progress in Zone 1 ....

In Zone 1 earthworks and drainage have recommenced between Creagh Roundabout - Deerpark Road. With initial enabling works and the removal of surcharge underway.  Works in Borrow Pit E will also recommence with extraction and filling works planned from March - late September 2019. 

Works are due to commence on the Creagh bridge structure in April 2019 and other structures works will be ongoing throughout March - October to install an accommodation overbridge and underpass between Creagh Roundabout - Deerpark Road.

At the Deerpark Road drainage works and works on the areas culverts are continuing, dig and replace works are planned to recommence on the south side of the Deerpark Road  and  towards the Hillhead Road. Further towards Castledawson, dig and replace works are now complete at the Brough Road.

The main span sections of the Brough Road Pedestrian Bridge are planned to be lifted and installed on 31 March 2019 while the Castledawson Roundabout  pedestrian bridge sections are due to be installed late Spring / early summer 2019.

Works on the new Toome B18 slip road are making great progress with traffic from the existing Toome Bypass set to be transferred in mid/ late summer 2019, to allow tie-in works to take place.

On the Mainline the Eastbound Carriageway has been planed and existing capping has been lifted, with 1,500m recapped. Mainline drainage will commence shortly taking approx 3 months to complete.  

The Bellshill Northern link road is currently being landscaped while works on the Bellshill Road North are ongoing. On the Bellshill Road South works have been making great progress with surfacing works planned to take place soon and the areas new roundabout taking shape. 

Works continue to make excellent progress in Utilities and Borrow Pits ...


Works within the scheme's 6 Borrow Pits continue to make excellent progress with visible changes seen every week. 

Borrow Pit A's extraction activities are now complete, with the fill quantities from site now reached. To date 123,00m3 of material has been extracted. In Borrow Pit B operations are also complete, with approximately 205,000m3 of clay now removed, final works to re-profile and topsoil the area will be underway shortly.  Further along the route in Zone 1 Borrow Pit C will begin clay extraction operations in June / July 2019. Target extraction figure is 80,000m3 of clay

In Zone 2 filling works in Borrow Pit P are ongoing, an estimated total of 150,00m3 of rock was extracted during works in 2018. While in Borrow Pit K an estimated 280,000m3 of rock and clay have been extracted with a further 30,000m3 of clay yet to be removed.

Utilities works have also been making significant progress with the Hillhead Road NIE diversion complete, BT works ongoing at the Drumderg Roundabout, Bellshill Rd and B18 and NIW permanent works ongoing at Castledawson, Derrygowan and Randalstown. 


A6 Dualling Scheme team announced winners at the 2019 GO Award N.I.

The A6 project was announced as the winner of the Buy Social / Sustainable procurement award at the GO Awards Northern Ireland - Government Opportunities (GO) Excellence in public procurement.
It was presented to Graham Farrans Joint Venture, Department for Infrastructure and AECOM, recognizing the opportunities given to new entrant trainees in the construction industry - including apprentices, long term unemployed, work experience placements as well as training programmes.
 As winners, the A6 Dualling Scheme will represent the region at the National Awards in Birmingham on the 30th April 2019.  
Well done to the whole team!

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